Author: lisa freedrinks

  • 3: Man Death

    This episode is brought to you by the great taste of incel tears.Carina explains how babies are really made.Whitney exposes are brutal divorce mafia.Lisa knows exactly how many people have died at Disneyland. See for privacy and opt-out

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  • 2: Danger Ladies

    This week’s episode brought to you by the Finland Tourism Association.Carina talks about Sophie Blanchard, the world’s first female balloonist daredevil, and her dramatic fate.Lisa brings up the time Russia gave the British a reindeer as a gift, but there

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  • 1: Don’t Trust

    We dedicate our first episode to Ellen Degeneres. Please don’t hurt us.Carina talks about a mystery boyfriend who wreaks havoc on a British environmental activism group.Lisa explores the strange conspiracy theory of the Philadelphia Experiment.And Whitney

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