50: I Can Hear Everything

This episode brought to you by Magnolia Hotel in Seguin.

We spend the night — together again! — in the hauntedest hotel in Texas, tell each other ghost stories, try to summon spirits, and summon up the courage to walk through the haunted half of the suite that is on the other side of a securely locked door.

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49: Dale’s Whales

This episode brought to you by puppy tablecloth tricks.

Lisa discovers the surprisingly rich history of Jack Hampshire’s British stroller collection.

Whitney unearths the tragic tale of the Aquatots, Russell Tongay’s swimming protegees.

Carina wonders what happened to the nuke the CIA dragged to the top of an Indian mountain.

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48: Epic Tales of Blood and Money

This episode brought to you by Paul Bettany having sex with David Bowie.

Carina follows the movie-quality exploits of Eugene Bullard, America’s first black pilot.

Lisa takes the roller coaster of James Allen Hayes’ lottery-driven life.

Whitney wonders what happened to the Ursuline nuns in old New Orleans.

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47: Focusing on the Peen Shredding

This LIVE episode brought to you by sad stonks.

Carina discovers the sad, disgusting end of founding father Gouverneur Morris.

Whitney finds out Celestial Seasonings was started by Urantia cult members.

Lisa visits Slab City, California, to meet the non-existent town’s colorful … residents?

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46: Buttholes of the World

This episode brought to you by Sauron’s Reading Rainbow.

Lisa reads us the gnostic tales of Jesus acting up as a tween.

Carina walks through the marvelous mischief of Florida’s Dr. Love.

Whitney follows the career of Mona Fandey, Malaysia’s deadliest pop star.

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