43: Every Cruise Ship Has a Morgue

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Whitney describes the spectacle of the Crush Crash train disaster of 1896.

Lisa puts a cry for help out on behalf of cruise ship employees during COVID.

Carina explains how Mansa Musa single-handedly ruined the global economy.

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42: Hearts in a Blender

This episode brought to you by vegan egg nog

Lisa finds out what lies beneath Mary King’s Close in Scotland

Carina finds an international art thief in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Whitney walks us through the teenaged rampage of Christine Paolilla

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41: The Hole Story of Diseases Christ

This episode brought to you by chicken golf.

Lisa tells us all about the little people of Native American lore.

Carina dives into the deadly potent properties of angel’s trumpet.

Whitney tries to take us to North Sentinel Island but we get shot at.

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40: You Don’t Have to Be Someone’s Pie

This episode brought to you by Walker, Texas Ranger.

Carina explains where all the lakes in California went, especially Tulare Lake.

Lisa digs into the Erfurt Latrine Disaster of 1184 and it’s … what you think.

Whitney regales us with the tragic and surprising saga of Paige Birgfeld.

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39: Lil’ Flying Maggot

This episode brought to you by Lisa’s supernatural neck.

Whitney finds the first gray alien abduction story with Betty and Barney Hill. 

Carina talks about the sex life of Jonathan, the planet’s oldest living land animal.

Lisa walks through the riches-to-rags life of wannabe assassin Violet Gibson.

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