19: Haunting Nationally

This episode brought to you by the Crypt Keeper. 

Rebecca Cohen finds the deadly and lonely tale of Joyce Carol Vincent.

Lisa recounts a 5 limbed monster in Enfield, the haunted Hotel del Salto in Colombia, and the story behind the term “saved by the bell.”

Whitney scales the walls of Fort Monroe, Virginia. A base so haunted that the U.S. Army acknowledges its existence. 

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18: The Brain Files

This episode brought to you by schlamassels.

Carina sinks into two of America’s most poorly designed skyscrapers, The Millennium Building in San Francisco and 432 Park Avenue in New York City.

Lisa explores the tragic death of Brittany Murphy and her creepy husband Simon Monjack.

Whitney time travels to the Roman empire where an ambitious poisoner known as Locusta of Gaul learns how to make a killing in her field. 

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17: Skin Crept

This episode brought to you by the spirit of Johnny Weir.

Whitney jumps into a variety of haunted lakes. 

Lisa takes a stab at the history of Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen.

Hayly details the lives of Ron & Joy Holiday and Chuck Lizza, who danced a little too close to their performance tigers and didn’t end up quite as lucky as Siegfried & Roy.

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16: Waxy Bear B-Holes

This episode brought to you by toeology.

Lisa runs details the war crimes and “salvation” of General Butt Naked in the First Liberian Civil War.

Hayly raps with the Fox sisters, and has some fun with Spiritualism. 

Whitney joins the Barker/Karpis Gang and their crime loving matriarch, Ma Barker.

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