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35: John Makes a Drink

This episode brought to you by K-Mart fine jewelry.

We throw all structure to the wind and empty out our research folders. Enjoy lots of stories that didn’t deserve an entire episode! Learn about how dolphins have sex, why some jellyfish are immortal, people who died at the Indiana State Fair, the vanishing Aral Sea, whatever happened to the McDonalds on a ship, why we went to war with Canada over a pig, what the Hawaiian night marchers are up to, how Princess Marie-Auguste Anhalt got into the royalty-selling business, the time Israel was almost in Mexico because of Sigmund Freud, how Elmer McCurdy’s embalmed body became a piece of funhouse decoration, who dognapped Masterpiece the poodle, and how someone solved human rights abuses by buying Halloween stuff. Plus a bonus story about Whitney’s mom finding money in a consignment store purchase.

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