32: Go Piss Girl

This episode brought to you by Hot Diet Coke ~ The Official Drink of Weird Brunch

Whitney gets a glimpse of the elusive Los Angeles billboard icon, Angelyne.

Hayly uncovers the Mormon roots of Go Ask Alice, the 1970s “true diary” account of a good girl succumbing to hippie drug culture.

Lisa prowls the globe for the origins of Catwoman and her less hot sister, cat lady.

31: A Gumpian Tale

This episode brought to you by fruity garlic odors.

Lisa travels the world with Michael Mikulec and his book of signatures.

Whitney details the mysterious disappearance of David Lewis.

Hayly recounts the infectious tale of Gloria Ramirez, the “Toxic Lady.”

30: Income: Adequate

This episode brought to you by brown teeth. 

Hayly befriends the original 1800s rich-people-swindler, Cassie Chadwick.

Whitney defines job catfishing: what Ali Ayad did when he founded the 2020 fake digital design agency MadBird, and robbed hundreds of people of their services for 6 months. 

Lisa gives us the science behind bad vibes, and the now-proven reason behind getting the willies. 

29: America Wet

This episode brought to you by Sheila’s Weekly.

Whitney investigates the conflicting life and death of Cindy James.

Hayly exposes the lies and delusions of influencer Belle Gibson.

Lisa takes us on a Gilded Age tour of New York real estate. 

28: Bananaing

This episode brought to you by russet potatoes.

Whitney launches into Starfish Prime and the race to nuclear bombs in space.

Lisa tracks the infamous Kandahar Giant that was purportedly taken down by U.S. special forces in Afghanistan in 2002.

Hayly encounters Gregor MacGregor, a Scottish conman who defrauded hundreds while creating 1822’s own Fyre Fest, aka Poyais.