25: Measured in Eiffel Towers

This episode brought to you by the Ikea family.

Whitney fails upward with three of the worst startups of all time.

Hayly remembers the life and mysterious death of Ronni Chasen, publicist to the stars. 

Lisa is allured by the sordid and audacious history of Princess Caraboo.

23: Controlled Raccoon

This episode brought to you by sweet old ladies.

Rebecca Cohen uncovers the real life horror inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street, Asian Death Syndrome.

Lisa encounters Dorthea Puente, a sweet elderly woman in appearance, but a killer and swindler by nature.

Whitney discusses the origins of Santa Claus, and hops down the chimney with the original Saint Nicholas.

21: The Bean Can Man

This episode brought to you by flirtatious bible verses.

Lisa sashays into the American National Ballet that was founded and mismanaged by two skilled liars, Ashely & Doug Benefield, with political ties that go all the way to the top of the GOP.

Whitney goes nuclear with America’s most deadly energy drink, Radithor. 

Hayly accidentally researched a story we’ve done in the past year (see S2 EP 47: Focusing on the Peen Shredding for Celestial Seasonings & the Urantia cult), so she’s just here for color commentating!