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  • Skinny for the pictures

    Skinny for the pictures

    We dedicate our first episode to Ellen Degeneres. Please don’t hurt us. Carina talks about a mystery boyfriend who wreaks havoc on a British environmental activism group. Lisa explores the strange conspiracy theory of the Philadelphia Experiment. And Whitney narrates the harrowing true tale of the survivors of Clipperton Island.

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  • 50: Let’s Get Real Brunch

    This episode brought to you by Sound Sight Tarot (no joke).Whitney, Lisa, and Carina each get their tarot read by Carly Fisher.The result is our most revealing and vulnerable episode.HEY, IT FELT WEIRD TO US.See you at brunch next season. See

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  • 49: Our New Personalities

    This episode brought to you by crappy Dell laptops from work.Carina explains the worst possible headache.Whitney critiques the parenting of Lacey Spears.Lisa visits Alaska to find a missing Congressman. See for privacy and opt-out inform

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  • 48: The Boxtop Children

    This episode brought to you by wedding bells.Carina visits California City, Colma, and Zyzzyx. They all suck.Lisa runs down the resume of Shingy. He sucks.Whitney tells the tale of Theodosia Burr’s vanishing. It’s cool. See for privacy a

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  • 47: Playing Mantises

    This episode brought to you by magic rings from Japan.Lisa investigates the ghost hound of Goshen, South Carolina.Whitney recounts the massacre behind the scenes of the movie “Roar.”Carina wraps up the many silly sociopathies of Dan Nainan. See

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