14: Deathbed Confessions

This episode brought to you by too much Chicago talk.

Lisa sifts through the dramatic mob story of Bumpy Johnson.

Carina gives the first-person account of the dog lady prison escape.

Whitney recounts Samuel Bronfman’s kooky kidnapping.

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13: Bad Endings for Men

This episode brought to you by Jason Isbell’s tweets.

Carina looks at the (almost) rise and (bloody) fall of Lee Miglin.

Whitney excoriates Thomas Midgley for his bad, bad chemistry.

Lisa revisits the scandal and mystery of Vince Foster’s death.

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12: One Giant Hair from a Nipple

This episode brought to you by hating Justin Timberlake.

Whitney looks into the Bermuda, wait, no, the Lake Michigan Triangle.

Hayly tells us about “Dr.” D. Gary Young’s miseducated misadventure to total oiliness.

Lisa dives into the softer side of Yakuza life and its surprising history.

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11: Precious Moments

This episode brought to you by 2001’s banned songs.

Carina digs into the murderous history of Ireland tennis star Vere St. Legere Goold.

Whitney figures out just how big bootlegger Mahalia Collins Mullens really was.

Lisa details the life-saving freak show for premature babies that really did help?

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10: Keep Digging

This episode brought to you by Jesse Ventura’s security clearances.

Carina recounts the many predictions of the Lady of Lawers.

Whitney dives into all the strangest Olympic sports.

Lisa tells the story of Kathryn Bolkovac, an actual whistleblower.

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