4: Unrelated Questions Incorporated

This episode brought to you by sound effects.

Lisa gets into the wild west history of personal ads.

Carina discovers that eel trading is crime-ridden and bizarre.

Whitney relates the history of the mom-and-daughter Blackburn cult.

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3: Human Monkey Frog Calf

This episode brought to you by sloppy beans.

Whitney investigates what a Whipping Tom is in jolly ol’ England.

Lisa travels to the underground Dulce Base, “the real Roswell.”

Carina visits Cleveland to figure out who murdered all the torsos.

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2: The Famous Mr. Dead

This episode brought to you by co-dependent dog relationships.

Carina found a haunted jail for a reasonable price on Zillow.

Lisa focuses on Blanche, Bonnie & Clyde’s third-wheel sister-in-law.

Whitney goes to Martinique for the volcanic eruption, and sticks around for the snake invasion.

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1: You Gotta Watch Your Farts

This episode brought to you by Joey and Pacey.

Carina tries to tease out what the Wheelers were up to in West Virginia.

Whitney can’t stop being haunted and travels to the White House.

Lisa pokes around Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment to check it for cultness.

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50: Bring Back the Joint

This episode brought to you by the grandma from “The Nanny.”

The exciting conclusion of season 2 continues as it’s after midnight in the extremely haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas.

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